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Five Reasons Why Assisted Living May Be the Best Solution for Your Loved One

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Elders often say they want to stay in their own homes. They’ve lived there for decades and see no reason to move. However, many times their neighborhoods have changed so much that they are no longer safe. Even if the neighborhoods are safe, many of the old neighbors have died or moved away, and the elders become isolated. Many times a move to assisted living can give elders a new lease on life.

Older homes that seniors hang onto often have bathrooms and bedrooms on a second floor. I’ve seen seniors sleep on the living room couch because they don’t want to make the trip up the stairs to go to bed. This is often unhealthy for their bodies, and if the only bathroom is up a long flight of stairs, they still must climb. Stairs are not only an obstacle because of the energy it takes to climb them, they present a real hazard when it comes to falls.

Change can be hard for anyone and elders are often reluctant to change the way things have always been. Decades of their lives may be tied to the home they live in, and the idea of moving away is terrifying, so they insist what they have is what they want. But the old home isn’t necessarily the best place for them.

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Five Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

Family members or caregivers need to move slowly and with compassion when they try to convince an elder to move from the family home. However, once the adjustment is made, many elders are thrilled with the change. Why? Here are five reasons.

Assisted Facilities Should Provide Multiple Options

A good facility provides choices. They don’t force involvement, but they encourage residents to try different activities. The facility staff should find out what activities the senior has enjoyed in the past and try to find something similar that they can do at the center. The vital ingredient, however, is that the elders are around peers. The chance to form new friendships grows with each day they live in a good center. Socialization has been shown to keep many people active and healthier than they would be if they remained alone at home.

While assisted living isn’t the answer to every elder’s living problems, it does help many have a healthier, happier life. This, in turn, often increases life expectancy. However, quality of life may be the key factor in the growing success of good assisted living facilities, as it should be with every service we provide for our elders.

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