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Platinum Advantage - Our Solution to Social Isolation

The Platinum Advantage at our community is our way of combating the ongoing health crisis of social isolation that is affecting many seniors living at home, and even in some senior housing communities.  A recent study by Brigham Young University found that social isolation puts people, and in particular elders, at a higher risk of mortality by 32% on average.  To put this into perspective, this is the same impact on a person’s overall health as smoking 15 cigarettes per day!!



What is the Platinum Advantage?


The Platinum Advantage takes a step beyond the Golden Rule….the Platinum Rule means “Do Unto Others As They Would Have Done to THEM”.  Taking a personal approach, and a true interest in each resident – this is our response to counteract the harmful health effects of isolation through maintaining meaningful and close relationships for those living at (community name). 


Our community focuses on each individual to truly make them well known to us, our residents, and even their families!  Through truly getting to know each individual, their passions, interests and hobbies we are able to help each resident connect with others that share the same focus.  In doing so we have made the transition to living at our community fulfilling and reducing anxiety around moving to a new home with new people.  We are proud of this approach to senior living at our community, and know that you will feel the difference when you visit and experience what makes us special. 


Benefits of Platinum Advantage:

  • Comprehensive and enjoyable way of getting to know all about you and/or your loved one prior to moving to our community
  • You and/or your loved one will be well known in advance to your move to the community – personalizing the experience instead of treating it as “cookie cutter” with a one size fits all approach
  • Turning the Platinum Rule into reality – and creating a hospitality focus on YOU
  • Fostering an environment with a diverse set of social connections, which research shows is key to counteracting the detrimental effects of social isolation on health
  • Creating activities and programs as well as well as connections that will add health and vitality to your life and/or that of your loved one.
  • Allows us to ensure that not only the basic needs of each resident are met at our community – but that the wants of each resident are met as well.